Escape room
Beginners guide!

Completely new to the escape room world? Don't know what to expect?

Don't worry, spend a few minutes reading the guide below where we'll outline the basics and give some insider basic tips and tricks to help you find your feet!

  • Team work

    Step 1: Choose your team



    Choosing your team could be the most important part of your game - Carefully choosing the right people for job could be the difference between escaping and not. 

    Generally teams consist of 2-6 players and its wise to remember communication is the key! So remember to pick players with a mix of abilities. Being on the same wave length isn't always a good thing!

  • Escape room - Choose your room

    Step 2: Choose your room



    Generally escape rooms come in a variety of themes and difficulties and choosing one that fits your team is your next step. 


    If you're team is completely new to escape rooms then it's a good idea to choose an easier game, this will help teach your team the fundamentals of game play and give you a good idea what to expect for the next hour.  Most escape rooms will come with a visual difficulty level - So choosing something around 3 is solid choice. 


    If your team is confident and fancy a real challenge and you think you've got the escape in the bag.... Why no just go for a hard room - Fair warning, your first escape room could also be your last! 

  • 60 Minutes on the clock

    Step 3: Before you start



    Remember to arrive on time - Each company does this different so always check your confirmation and don't assume!

    Being late isn't a good start to anything, especially Escape rooms - Being late could have a knock on impact on your room, so always let the escape room centre know you're running late and they'll advise best. 

    Remember, you won't be the only team on an adventure that day, so if you are running very late, time maybe taken off your room or even cancelled - So being punctual is important!

  • Organise yourself

    Step 4: Before your game



    Before you enter your room, you’ll get a team briefing about the do's and dont's of participating in the game, and maybe a few helpful tips - it’s worth paying attention!

    Then, as you wait to go in, your host will reveal the back-story behind the scenario you’re about to undertake. Again, listen to your host - they may be giving you clues, or an idea of what to look for!

  • Open padlock

    Step 5: Good luck!



    Your 60 minutes has begun ticking backwards and your game has started!

    Be confident and go for it! Escape rooms are designed to be fun, so enjoy them.  There is going to be a lot to explore over the next 60 minutes, so make sure you check every inch of the room!

    Remember its important that you keep the reason you're there on your mind, ultimately that is your goal, and you'll discover the room will cleverly lead you to this conclusion. 

    Many rooms will be unique and have some exciting twists - So expect the unexpected! 

Our top Tips and tricks!

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