The Tomb


50 years ago…

Avid explorer and archaeologist Ernest P. Sanderson has made the discovery of his life, uncovering 3 hidden tombs, each full of enough treasure to make him rich beyond dreams. Before he reaps his reward, he discovers a map containing the location of a fourth secret tomb that was thought to only exist in myths. Ernest drops everything to hunt down this fourth tomb and discover what mysteries it contained. Unfortunately, this was the last anyone ever heard from him. This was 50 years ago.

Now the map has come into your possession – can you track down the long-lost tomb, and unearth its mysteries?

Please note – This is a physical room and requires some active participation and contains elements of confined spaces (70cm x 70cm), so may not be suitable for sufferers of claustrophobia. If you have any questions about this, please use our contact page to get in touch.


Please note:

Players who are under 16 will require at least one player aged 18+ in the room with them.

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