‘Remy’s Room’

Teams of 3-16 players - 60% Pass Rate

Hey Ace! It’s the 1940’s and Top British Spy, Remy Blumenfield has disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and that’s bad news. The Cops are a pack of Whistl’n Dixie’s & the trails gone cold. Now some high-class Dames offering you serious megabucks to find him before some wise guys do – or he’s done for. Can you wrack your brains and track him down in time?!

There are no physical restrictions within this game. The room itself is wide and there is plenty of space, an opportunity to sit down, and no strobe lighting or distressing sound effects. There will be music playing throughout the game, but at your request the game can be played without audio if needs be.

When booking for 6 or more people at the same time you are booking and paying for two identical rooms. You will be split into two teams to race against each other and the clock (to the final door). (Both teams will need to play together at some point during the game).

‘The Tomb’

Teams of 3-5 players - 45% Pass Rate

Avid explorer and archaeologist Ernest Peter Sanderson has made the discovery of his life – uncovering no less than 3 tombs, each full of enough treasure to make him rich beyond measure. But before he reaps his reward he discovers a map containing the location of a secret fourth tomb that was thought to only exist in myths, containing a treasure so precious it has never been seen by any living human. Ernest drops everything to hunt down this fourth tomb and bring this treasure home. Unfortunately, this was the last anyone ever heard from him. This was 50 years ago. Now the map has come into your possession – can you track down the tomb, complete Ernest’s life work and take the treasure for your own?

(The Tomb has a pass rate of 45%)

Our Tomb Room is harder than Remy’s Room. We recommend playing Remy’s Room before you try to escape The Tomb.

The Tomb, unfortunately, will not be suitable for all guests. There is an element of dark confined spaces within this room, and may involve crawling so we do not recommend this to pregnant women, people who suffer from claustrophobia or anyone over the height of 6 foot (although if you don’t mind a tight squeeze then be our guest!).



‘The City’

Teams of 3-8 players - 33% Pass Rate

Welcome travellers to the greatest city in the world! Have you come to see one of our world-renowned attractions, or maybe you've come to discover our famous musical history? Whatever you've come to find, there's no other way to explore than our famous bus tours!  - Just remember once you've left the bus, it's a race to get back within the hour or you'll miss it! So don't get stranded!

The City is the hardest of our three rooms. We recommend playing Remy's Room and The Tomb before taking on The City.

There is no physical restrictions within this game and will be suitable for most guests. The room itself is large and spacious, and there are opportunities to sit down. The City contains no strobe lighting or distressing sound effects. There will be music playing throughout the game, but at your request the game can be played without audio.


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