Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended number of players per Team?

On average we suggest between 3-5 players, however, we can cater for bigger or smaller groups, and with 2 identical rooms we can accommodate up to 10 players. Also we do advise against teams of 2 due to the difficult nature of the game, but if you are up for the challenge and are happy paying the minimum group size of three, we can accommodate for this and will ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

What is it?

We are glad you asked and you won’t be sorry you did! After fast becoming one of the best and most popular activities in Berlin, Greece and now around the world we are pleased to bring Liverpool’s first and best Live Escape game to you! The premise of the game is to escape from a locked room in 60 minutes following a story and to complete a mission – the mission? That is for you to decide! Check out our Rooms page to get started.

Why ClueFinders?

And why are we so confident you will have an amazing time? If it’s not us telling you that our games are a fantastic blend of well thought out logical and physical challenges, with a personal touch of not accepting anything less than you absolutely loving your experience, then check us out on TripAdvisor to see why everyone else is raving.

Is there an age limit for this game?

ClueFinders is fun for all ages and whilst there is no age restriction, the game may be too puzzling for persons under the age of 9. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. There is no upper age limit but please see our Special Requirements section for information on Accessibility.

Can pregnant women play?

Of course, we have had many pregnant guests enjoy the game in the past. There is plenty of opportunity to sit down and rest in our first game ‘Remy’s Room’, and players will also be able to exit the room at any point if necessary. The only physical restriction is our newest room, ‘The Tomb’, which may be unsuitable for pregnant guests. Please see Special Requirements for more information.

I suffer from Claustrophobia, will I be able to play?

We understand that the concept of being locked in a room can be quite unnerving but to put your mind at ease, we have a spare key in all our rooms in case of emergency so you are never really ‘locked in’, and if you feel more comfortable we can simply leave the door unlocked. We will also be watching every game on CCTV to ensure your safety, so we are on hand to help you at any time if you are in any distress.

Please note, that although ‘Remy’s Room’ has high walls and plenty of space and will be perfectly suitable, our newest Room ‘The Tomb’ will have elements of confined spaces (70cm x 70cm), so may not be suitable for sufferers of claustrophobia. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

About our bookings

How Can I book?

Please check out our Bookings Page online to book, this will provide you with our availability and a rundown of prices.

How much is the game?

The price of the game varies on the size of your group. Please go onto our Bookings Page for more information.

Do you have any special offers?

Yes we often run offers and deals for special occasions, sign up here to be the first to receive our latest offers.

If you are booking for a special occasion and would like to enquire about making the day extra special please get in touch and we will endeavour to help in any way we can.

Other Information

How long does it last?

From start to finish the whole experience will last between 80-90 minutes. You will receive a 10/15 minute briefing beforehand, and the game itself lasts 60 minutes (or less if you escape!!), and a 15 minute breakdown afterwards, with opportunity for photos. If you have any time constraints of course, please let us know prior to the game.

Special Requirements and Accessibility

We currently have two rooms in operation, unfortunately neither of these rooms have wheelchair access and we are sincerely sorry for this, but elements of the games, and the fact that we are primarily based upon the first floor, mean we cannot accommodate for this.

‘Remy’s Room’ There is no physical restrictions within this game. The room itself is wide and there is plenty of space, an opportunity to sit down, and no strobe lighting or distressing sound effects. There will be music playing throughout the game, but at your request the game can be played without audio, if needs be.

‘The Tomb’ Our newest game unfortunately, will not be suitable for all guests. There is an element of confined space within this room, and may involve crawling so we do not recommend this to pregnant women, people who suffer from claustrophobia or anyone over the height of 6 foot (although if you don’t mind a tight squeeze then be our guest!).

Please note that all our rooms come with a spare key inside so you are welcome to leave the game at any point if you feel uncomfortable. Our staff will also be watching the entire game on CCTV so will be able to help if guests are in any distress. You will also have opportunity to communicate with us whilst in the room. There are also no scary elements (unless you class the dark scary!) within any of our games. If you do need any more information or would like to discuss your options then please get in touch with us.

Is parking available?

Yes, there is free parking available outside of the venue and you are welcome to use our car park for the duration of your stay.

What about public transport?


We are a 12 minute walk from both Liverpool James Street Station and Moorfields Station, please see Google Maps for more information.


We are situated about 12 minutes straight walking distance away from Liverpool’s main bus station which most buses terminate or stop at. Check out the bus timetable for your best time or find us on Google Maps.

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