Covid-19 Faqs
ClueFinders – COVID 19 Safety ClueFinders is committed to making the safety of our customers and staff our top priority. We are following all government guidelines to a high standard, and kindly ask all our guests to do the same, so we can keep everyone safe whilst having a fantastic time with us!  Contactless Booking - For the time being, we will not be accepting cash payments. Face coverings are now optional for both our staff and guests when on the premises, however, our staff will continue to wear mask to protect themselves. We have increased the amount of time between games to ensure extensive cleaning throughout the communal areas and the game rooms can be completed. Our game times have been staggered to ensure separate groups do not come into contact whilst in the communal areas of the centre. Hand sanitiser dispensers and washing stations will be available throughout the centre. All our employees have undertaken extensive COVID secure training. Our staff will be subject to a negative LFD test before shift as well as temperature checks at the start, and throughout their shift. Our staff will always remain socially distant from guests throughout the experience. Guests will only be permitted entry when all members of their party have arrived and will only be allowed to enter the building on their allotted booking slot, to maintain social distancing between groups. If groups are late to their booking, we may have to take time off the game, to allow adequate time for cleaning in between games. If any of your party are showing symptoms of Covid – 19, we ask that you do not travel to ClueFinders. Get in touch and we can re-arrange your booking.

Providing information for every player over the age of 16 is now optional but encouraged.

This can be done via the NHS covid app and can be registered with our QR codes onsite.

Alternatively, a physical form can be filled in to provide this data.

For more information please see the government guidance on data collection here; Test and trace

We will still operate a no-refund policy (Terms and conditions) but if any guidance in the roadmap is altered will be happy to move your booking to a suitable time.

Wearing a mask is now optional.

You can view the Spring 2021 government road map; here

If you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected]

We are now pleased to accept larger groups for a greater building capacity.