What is an Escape room?

Your adventure starts

You and your chosen team have embarked on an adventure - Can you escape in time?

The Clock Is Tickingโ€ฆ

You'll have 60 minutes on the clock to escape!


You must search everywhere in the room.
A clue can take any shape or form!

Locks and puzzles

You must work your way through a series of puzzles, padlocks, riddles and clues to find your exit!

Team work

Remember, teamwork is essential!
Work together as a team, and you might find things are easier!


All our games are monitored via CCTV to ensure your safety at all times and to provide a helping hand when needed!
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Matthew Bonham
Matthew Bonham
Another decent escape room. We did the race, all good fun and even more competitive at the end. Definitely recommend going.
Gaia L
Gaia L
I and my boyfriend did both Remy's and the Tomb rooms and we were amazed by both of them! We think it is one of the best in Liverpool area. As experienced players, we found both of them quite challenging, with some riddles we have never seen in any of the >30 escape we have played in our life. Nice and friendly staff, detailed scenarios and lot of fun! Strongly suggested!
James Morris
James Morris
First experience for myself and a few others of an escape room and it certainly didn't dissapoint. Friendly staff that explained everything clearly and provided is with a fun & challenging experience. Would recommend if visiting Liverpool!
Madison Tott
Madison Tott
Great experience, friendly and helpful host. Would highly recommend this challenge/ race experience over some other escape room companies who divide you into smaller groups and have you completing 2 different rooms all together.
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark
Brilliant escape rooms.
Dave Ladkin
Dave Ladkin
Great game, very helpful and friendly staff. The place is a little out of the way but definitely recommended!
Nidhi Gupta
Nidhi Gupta
Really good room, with good pickles and a great games master. Really recommend

Who can play?

  • Friends & Family
  • Corporate and Colleagues
  • Team building
  • Game Lovers
  • Escape room enthusiast
  • Puzzle Lovers

Team building & Partners

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