Liverpool’s first real live escape game

60 minutes to escape a locked room

Escape by finding clues, keys and solving puzzles

Teams of 3 to 10 people


So what is ClueFinders?

…I hear you cry. Are you looking for something completely out of the ordinary to do? ClueFinders is a unique and exciting new game that is currently storming Liverpool. Escape from a locked room with your team before the 60 minutes runs out by hunting for clues, solving puzzles, busting open padlocks and most importantly, using your brain power!

Don’t just take our word for it,  you only have to ask yourself one question – why haven’t you tried it yet?


Who can play?


Friends &

“What can we do today?” ClueFinders is a surefire way to have an amazing time with your pals, your mam, or even your mams pal’s dog. In all seriousness, ClueFinders is a fantastic way to spend some quality time with your family and your nearest and dearest – a small circle or a large group, everyone’s welcome! Plus why not book both of our identical rooms to play against each other as well as the clock for some great competition. Friendships after the game, however, are not guaranteed….

Students &

Study does not have to be dull! ClueFinders is a unique way to mentally challenge, entertain and wake up the brain! We promise mystery, intrigue and puzzles all compact into a riveting 60 minutes!


Inject some fun into your team and test their skills in a fresh and challenging environment a million miles away from the workplace. Our rooms encourage teamwork, communication and logical thinking. Each team has to generate creative solutions in order to escape. And with two identical rooms to boast, teams can play not just against the clock, but against each other.


This is unlike any game you have ever tried before! If you are a game connoisseur or you are simply curious to see what all the fuss is about, come and put your skills to the test and take gaming to the next level!


Birthday, Christmas Do or Stag/Hen coming up? Rather than resorting for the failsafe drinks and meal, get the group together for an unforgettable activity that you’ll be talking about for weeks after. Rival each other in our two identical rooms where you can play in two teams and really get your competitive juices going. Remember, the bigger your party the more you save!

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